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Welcome to the PE website:

Please have your child wear tennis shoes on PE days. 

This is a basic calendar of the skills and activities we will be working on throughout the year. 

Gross motor skills  (skipping, galloping, running, kicking, jogging, etc.)  We practice these skills individually, with partners, and whole class.

Work on soccer unit.  Practice dribbling, trapping, kicking, passing
We will also begin working with hula hoops.  Hula hoops help us to develop rhythm and body and spatial awareness.

We will continue working with hula hoops.
Fall Fun Day will be a special PE day.  We will work our way through an obstacle course.  This will give us practice with many skills-throwing to hit a target, balancing, eye-hand coordination, gross-motor skills, and body and spatial awareness.

We will start a Jump Rope Unit.  This will take some time.  It helps us develop body and spatial awareness, timing, eye-hand-foot coordination, and rhythm. 

Games that help build teamwork, gross-motor skills, sportsmanship. 
We will also start the rock wall unit.

Rock wall climbing.  This will help us to develop problem solving skills, strategic thinking, and physical strength in legs, arms, hand, and fingers. 
We will also start our gymnastics unit.

We will work on developing rolling, flexibility, agility, balance, strength, and coordination. 

They love this!!  Using the parachute will help us to develop teamwork, left/right movement, rhythm, and it's super fun!  
We will also start practicing our Track and Field Day events

We will be practicing our events for Track and Field.  It will be a great review for our year---running, jumping, kicking to a target, going under/over obstacles, hula hoops, jump ropes, balance, throwing to a target, teamwork, and sportsmanship!




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