Chris Carrell

Hello!  My name is Chris Carrell,
and I am the Literacy Coach at Oak Grove Primary.


Oak Grove Primary is such a wonderful place to learn and grow.  At OGP, a very dedicated and highly qualified staff works collaboratively to help all students reach their full potential.  Teachers at OGP implement the most effective research-based techniques in their classrooms.  Currently, we use the Wonders reading program by McGraw-Hill as our main resource to teach reading, writing, language, phonics and speaking and listening skills.  We also draw on a wide body of work from many other educational researchers (like Robert Marzano, Marie Clay, and Lucy Calkins, to name a few).  Teachers work in teams to learn new educational techniques and strategies, analyze data, and create and reflect on plans which generate the best outcomes for kids.  We are always striving for excellence - in ourselves and our students.

OGP...what a GREAT place to be!